Waterford Greenway Bike Hire

Waterford Greenway Bike Hire

Waterford Greenway Bike Hire is based at the Park Hotel Dungarvan X35CC97. Bikes are available for adults and children. Seasonally based at Durrow (check in advance), The Greenway Man is located on the most spectacular part of The Waterford Greenway with tons of history from more turbulent times.  Local  highlights include a quarter of a mile long tunnel, two massive viaducts, one having been blown up in the Civil War and the disused Durrow Railway Station house.

Waterford Greenway Bike Hire

For all your bike hire requirements between Dungarvan and Kilmacthomas.  Dungarvan the lovely coastal town founded by the Normans in the late 1100’s and developed through medieval times until in early 1800s when the Duke of Devonshire did a complete refit of the town.  A bit like when we renovate our house, the Duke of Devonbridge completely designed a new town Centre which you can see today with the very impressive square which is linked to Abbeyside across the River Colligan by the red sandstone bridge built in 1816.  On to Durrow which its two impressive viaducts, one a casualty of the Irish Civil War in August 1922 and also through the dreary half a kilometre Victorian Tunnel.  Onto to Kilmacthomas and across the River Mahon where Cromwell’s army was held up for days by the swollen Mahon back in 1649.  Onto the old Workhouse which housed the destitute after the Great Famine of the 1840’s.  Onto the Kilmeaden with its train operating on a narrow gauge and into Waterford City, found by the Vikings in 914 and even better before you arrive in the City, you will pass the site of the Viking site of Woodstown habituated from the 840’s.  The complete Waterford Greenway Bike Hire cycle in a nutshell.  And I haven’t mentioned all the lovely pit stops along the way for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

Wide Range Of Bikes Available

We have a variety of bikes for children and bike trailers, seats and tagalongs are available for children under five years of age.  We are the only bike hire business on the Waterford Greenway that can offer you a tandem for couples for a romantic cycle or more practically for people with visual impairments who can experience the Waterford Greenway.  We are also the only business to offer an adult trike for those with balance issues and with special needs.  Bike hire is available for any location along the Waterford Greenway. Please call me on 086 8351233 or contact me by e-mail at thegreenwayman@gmail.com to discuss your requirements.

Waterford Greenway Bike Hire
Waterford Greenway Bike Hire
Greenway Man Bike Hire
Waterford Greenway Man Bike Hire
Bike Hire Waterford Greenway
Bike Hire on the Waterford Greenway
Children's bike hire
Bike hire for children